Friday, 11 March 2016

Breaking For A Friend

I wanted to use this wonderful platform to educate some fellow residents about my friend’s shipping container company.  So this week will be a little different than usual.  Enjoy the following guest post!

Tips To Look At Before Choosing A Seattle Shipping Company. written by:  Harrison Benjamin

Shipping containers are used for a variety of purposes, mostly to transport goods from one location to the other in Seattle, Washington. Whether you are looking to transport items to a domestic location or an international destination, these containers come in really handy. Shipping containers are available in different sizes. You can choose a container depending on the size and number of goods you want to transport. The type of goods to be carried is also an important factor to consider when you are still on the lookout for the best container for your requirements. When you are shopping for a container from a shipping company in Seattle, you should always make sure that it serves your shipping methods well and fulfills your shipping needs as well as the needs of the goods to be transported.

There are a lot of factors that you have to put into consideration when you choose the company that will give you the international and overseas shipping conex services that you want. Naturally, you would always want to get your money’s value, so that is why. You have to think of not only the reputation of the Washington company but most especially the amount of money it is going to cost you to avail of their services, here are some essential tips that you should understand before you select the company in Seattle, Washington.


Of course, any transaction is very important, especially if you are talking about international and overseas businesses. Time is gold, so to speak, so you have to select a dependable company that can give you first-rate services when it comes to moving your shipping conex box to other parts of the world. Your customers and clients will always want to get their goods on time, so that is why, you must research about the shipping company that you wish to partner with and always make certain that the company deliver what it promise.

Reasonable Price

Big shipping companies usually ask for bigger prices, but it cannot be denied that there are smaller shipping companies that can provide you first-rate services at a very reasonable cost. Although you can always rely on the big names in the shipping business since these companies have already created a good reputation for themselves, there are also smaller-scale businesses that give the same benefits at much reasonable prices though.

You must know though that the fee of shipping varies, and it depends upon the weight as well as the dimensions of the shipping containers. It also depends upon its destination as well as the town where your merchandise are ending up.

To better find out if you have found the mover who provides international and overseas shipping containers services, you can always ask for recommendations. This way, you will get to know if they have given customer satisfaction or not. You could also ask your associates who have done transactions with them to better gauge the company’s ability to provide you the services that you desire.

Another method to learn more about the company is by researching online. In the Internet, you can read forums about this type of business and know from their discussions if the shipping company is, indeed, reliable and honest to do business with.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Emily and her amazing collection

Usually, we talk about Elizabeth on this site. But today, this post will focus on her sister, Emily, who also has quite the collection of videos.

We all enjoy a good movie once a while. Maybe even purchase the ones that we like most, making a small collection of the films that marked our existence and gave us wonderful memories. Still, there are some people that make video collection a passion. Not only will they appreciate a movie, but will also collect an impressive number of videos. And you will be surprised to find out that there are many people out there that like collecting videos. Even with the mass storage possibilities we all have today, collectors will like to have a video physically, in its original case, as it will be kept for future years to come. Videos are not items that are very expensive, but when you ended up buying all the movies, TV shows, and so on, the final collection can end up being very impressive.

Let us meet Emily, a movie addict that made collecting videos a way of life. There aren’t any movies she didn’t see, and there are very few she doesn’t own. When you enter her house, what you see is something very similar to a library, from a distance. It looks like being filled with books, which are perfectly arranged. But the strangest thing that hits your mind is that all the books have the same dimension. As you get closer, what you saw as books are actually videos, lots of them. And they are all arranged in alphabetic order since Emily knows exactly where to find a particular movie. It is futile to say that no one is allowed to disturbed the order she created on these massive shelves, except her.

If you ask Emily to tell you just how many movies are in her personal collection, she will be puzzled. She lost track a couple of years ago. The alphabetical orders started a decade ago when she noticed that buying and collecting videos began to grow on her, so she did this to make her life easier. Now, the entire library extends on the length of a whole wall. She has a few video tapes, from her young years, when CDs weren’t available yet. But once with the expansion of DVD players, the majority of her movies are on CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-Rays, representing the latest acquisition to the collection.

Probably you wonder that will Emily do with her impressive video collection. She is not sure if her children will appreciate videos and movies just as much as she did, so she hopes that one day, after technology will evolve even more, a museum of cinematography to be interested in her collection. She has also been approached by interested buyers, including one gentleman in West Palm Beach, Florida ,who has a multi-million collection of vehicles, as well as his own full staff of people who do car detailing for him on a routine schedule. We can’t tell yet how movies will be viewed in the future, but there is a high chance for the items found in Emily’s collection to become a way to remember how movies were once appreciated. People that collect things may look strange to the ones that do not have such hobbies, but if we think better about it, they do us a real favor, by preserving things that will become extinct one day.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Making memories last longer than a moment

Videos revive the old memories and make you relish the time passed with joy and satisfaction. Videos are better than pictures as they have captured the real actions and emotions in them. They are close to heart and therefore everybody wants to keep them preserved. Hammond video collector is a tool which allows you to save your videos in offline mode in a very user friendly manner so that you are able to view them at your ease. Here are its benefits.

  1. ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE: it may be possible that you are willing to keep the videos close to your heart on cloud as they can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere but one limitation which is added to the cloud storage is that they cannot be accessed when you don’t have internet connectivity. Hammond video collector provides you all time access so that if you are at remote corner of the area where you have no connectivity with your near and dear ones, the collected videos can be a medium to feel the sense of their presence.
  2. AVAILABILITY: Preserving the videos has its own charm. If you think that you have the videos on You Tube and you can access them anywhere then you may be wrong. This is because you tube clears out its past database every day. Every new day it deletes the oldest videos as new stuff is uploaded everyday which requires ample of space. If you have a collection of videos then you can be independent and need not put your video requirement on some web portal.
  3. PRICELESS MEMORIES: Memories are incomparable and priceless. Their significance cannot be evaluated. Parents want to gift the videos of childhood of their children when they grow up and grandparents want their grandchildren to see the activities of their father and mother when they were kid captured in videos. These videos can stay with you for long only if you have stored them cautiously. The sweet memories of school life of students or some memorable event featuring your grand success, everything is precious! Therefore they must be preserved in a perfect source so that they can be viewed anytime in future without any trouble. This is what Hammond video collector does for you.
  4. HUGE COLLECTION: Hammond videos also have stored innumerous videos for its users. The rarest videos in HD quality or Blue ray print are available. The rich collection of recent and the unique old videos which are difficult to find anywhere on web is with Hammond. There are games for the young, animated Disney collection for kiddos, special section for music lovers, TV series, murder mysteries, concerts of various artists and videos for ardent jazz fans. The original versions are available here which make it more safe mode when compared to pirated stuff on internet.

An efficient video collector shall keep your CDs and DVDs functional for long time. So make sure that choose Hammond Video collector to keep your videos fresh and safe in your personalized video library. My old college roommate, who actually just married a guy who owns a very profitable company called Pearland tree service down in Texas, was cracking up at some of the awesome video journal entries we used to make from our dorm room. We also used to view picture after picture on the incredible time-waster of a website called People of Walmart. Good thing we didn’t save any of our own People of Walmart videos — those things definitely stay better as still images!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

“Not-so-secret” video admirers

The idea behind Hammond video is to cater the admirers of videos of any age and background. Whether it’s a blood curdling horror or a stylish popular western, I guarantee that you will find even the rarest movie in any genre of any time.  I take pride in my collection not because it is well updated with the popular movies of all time, but it has a unique collection of rare movies which are pretty difficult to come by. It must also be stated that all the movies and videos are in HD quality or Blue Ray print.  The classic Hollywood movies like Gone with the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, Casablanca, Guns of Navarone, Mackenna’s Gold are available in original DVD. The collection is always updated with the recent releases of each year. The young people will rejoice with our collection as they will come across the latest version favorite games like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto etc.

There is a section dedicated to the music lovers, packed with the most popular videos of all time. Videos featuring the concerts of Woodstock, Isle of Wight, Live at Pompei, along with MTV Unplugged sessions, BBC featured documentaries on bands. Our collection consists of videos featuring artists like Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Celine Deon, Enrique Iglesias etc. Rare jazz videos of Nat King Cole, Miles Davis, John Coltrane are also available for the ardent jazz fans. Whether you are interested in the rare BeBop or the trendiest post 2000 hip hop music, this is the place to visit. Even though all these videos are available on the internet for download, one must remember that piracy is a punishable offence which hampers the music as well as film industry immensely; moreover it is always preferable to watch your favorite videos on an original print. If you want to get to the very root of original printing, in other words, the source of where paper comes from, go ahead and click here to find out.

Our collection of television series is bound to excite you as it contains not only the recent releases like Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sopranos etc. but also the classic rare ones like, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, The Twilight Zone to name a few. What better way to spend your weekend than watching the best TV series at home on a big screen with your loved ones beside you.

For passionate movie lovers who admire watching movies in the VHS format or on video cassettes, I am proud to present to you the spectacular collection of videos. This collection consist of movies of the era 40s to early 90s. Not everyone can afford the luxury of watching a classic black and white noir or a thrilling murder mystery on a video cassette at this age. Music lovers need not be disappointed as my collection includes blockbuster music videos of all time. At the same time one might come across a few rare videos you thought never existed. Some of my videos are collector’s item, like the full volume of Star Trek or a collection of Alfred Hitchcock movies.  This list includes animations like Tom and Jerry, Popeye the sailorman, etc for you and your kids to relish the magic of Disney in its true form.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Getting grandpa to give us something to chuckle about

One can have several reasons for collection of videos like personal interests, business related projects, family choices or anything like that; all music lovers want to have huge collection of their favorite tracks with them all the time. Some parents love to collect video records of their child so that they can enjoy his sweet activities via this source and can gift him lovely collection when he grows up. One of the most lovable jobs for grandparents is to present their grandchildren with funny videos of their father.

Almost all businesses require video library where owners keep collection of their video advertisements so that they can use them in future for social media pages. On the other hand students love to collect sweet memories of their college life in videos so that they have most funny collection at their own device even after they depart with their loving friend circle. In simple terms we can say that videos are one of the most valuable and useful commodity for every person. You must have a perfect source to store your videos so that they can be used at appropriate time in future without any trouble. For business owners video collector tools are must because it helps to save money of their company that may be otherwise wasted in second ad creation. Although there are so many companies that use to offer video collector and are creating huge business by selling these products but Hammond Video Collector is best option for creating your own collection of videos.

You cannot depend on browser storage for videos if you really have personal interest for videos; with time your favorite videos will disappear from websites like YouTube. To keep your data secure you need to create a personal storage system out of internet so that you can pick your tracks easily whenever you need. Some people prefer cloud storage for their videos but here is a disadvantage that you cannot watch your favorite stuff when you don’t have internet connection. For example, if you happen to be at a job site all day or in a remote area you might struggle to stay connected. I constantly get reminded of this when my friend, Ryan, shares stories about some of his remote job sites where surfing the web isn’t an option. The company does great work building all types of fencing, and they have recently been specializing in fences that go around commercial and residential pools — feel free to check the company’s website by clicking here. But anyway, back to the subject at hand, cloud can be very handy for these types of situations.

Actually physical storage is always best option for your important data because it helps you to keep you stuff with you all the time in a very secure manner. You must always prefer some physical storage systems like DVD, CD or stick; these devices prevent loss of data and ensures secure backup. This option also works best for video games storage so that you need not to invest again and again to buy your favorite game from internet

If you have your own backup files you can play your favorite stuff anytime and most interesting thing is that you can save them for years and then show your child that what type of games you used to play in your childhood. This is really amazing; having secure storage option for your all important and memorable video collection affects your savings also because you need not to pay again for similar kind of videos. Hammond Video Collector is best option for all business owners as well as other video lovers who want to keep track of all their memorable moments in form of videos.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Why you need physical storage space for your videos

There are several reasons to start and continue to compile a collection of videos. The reasons can be personal like family, business, and simply personal interests like music, DIY, or just about anything.

You want to keep a video record of your children so you can enjoy them when they are older and harass them with videos when they were children. One of the great joys of being a grandparent is sharing videos of your grandchildren’s father or mother with your grandchildren when they were the same age as your grandchildren.

All businesses need a video library. You pay for video for your ad campaigns on your web site and social media pages. These videos are valuable commodities that do not necessarily have a predetermined shelf life.

You want to keep the videos so you can use them again at the appropriate time and save your company some money. Video ownership definitely needs to be a part of your contract with the company that makes your videos.

A number of companies have made a business out of collecting videos and selling the use of the videos to news organizations, bloggers, and businesses. Hammond Video is one example. Getty Images is an example of how video collectors and collections can be a timeless source of income to a company or individual.

Some topics in news, science, and most of life are basically timeless. Parenting, war, politics, nature, and space travel are just a few examples that are timeless. A journalist or blogger can search your database for appropriate videos from the past and you get paid just for having the videos resident in a secure and “eternal” storage system.

Personal interests are the major reason that you want to develop your own video collection. Just saving the videos to your web browser is not the best thing for your personal interests. Videos come and go on YouTube and all the other video sites so you need to have secure storage that is external to the internet and not subject to the decisions made by Google or any other company.

One example may help you understand. Suppose you have a vintage car that you work on and maintain to show or just for the ego trip an old car is. You are not the only person in the world that owns that same car. Many experts and amateurs post videos that teach you how to make repairs and improvements that you do not know how to do.

Storing your library of auto repair videos only on your browser is a certain way to lose something that you need and value. Companies go out of business and their videos disappear. If an amateur dies they may have a will that expunges all their videos from the net.

Storing your auto repair videos on a stick, DVD, or CD prevents you from losing what you need to enjoy your old car.

The same ideas apply to music videos, any type of performance videos, television clips, news videos that document a world changing event, and family films that you may store on the net.

Storing videos on a physical device prevents you from losing what you need or love. Even storage in the “cloud” is not safe from a decision by a major ISP to change video programs. You can still have the video but then you just cannot watch it. Physical storage prevents this problem.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Make your selection from my collection

Videos can be a very entertaining pastime that people of all ages engage in. Many highly esteem their collections and hope to in time have a collector’s item. For a CD or DVD to stay functional for a long amount of time, it is very important to have proper videos collector. Having the right collection will have the following benefits:
• Keeps away dust. Dust is always something DVD’s and CD’s alike don’t want. Having dust or dirt build up on your CD can lead to it not functioning properly or even it getting completely destroyed. To combat this, you should have some place that is dust free. One way to accomplish this is to keep the CD’s in their original cases or use CD wallets. These are designed to keep their contents away from dust.
• Keeps away moisture. Allowing your video playing to get wet can be disastrous. Moisture usually comes from keeping CD’s in the wrong place like close the windows or bathrooms. Make sure you know a dry place to put your CD’s.
• Easy access. Keeping CD’s on a rack for example will allow you to at a glance identify the game you want. This can save a lot of time you might use searching in stacks of videos not stored properly.
• Less clutter. Once your collection of videos grows, you will find yourself running out of places to keep your videos. This can lead to having a cluttered room no matter what you try to do. To remedy this, find the right kind of rack or bin to store your videos.
Video collections is surely one of the most important ways you can ensure your videos are kept safely. Not only does it reduce clutter but will give your video player additional life. You just might be able to have that collector’s item if you keep your videos well.