Saturday, 15 August 2015

Emily and her amazing collection

Usually, we talk about Elizabeth on this site. But today, this post will focus on her sister, Emily, who also has quite the collection of videos.

We all enjoy a good movie once a while. Maybe even purchase the ones that we like most, making a small collection of the films that marked our existence and gave us wonderful memories. Still, there are some people that make video collection a passion. Not only will they appreciate a movie, but will also collect an impressive number of videos. And you will be surprised to find out that there are many people out there that like collecting videos. Even with the mass storage possibilities we all have today, collectors will like to have a video physically, in its original case, as it will be kept for future years to come. Videos are not items that are very expensive, but when you ended up buying all the movies, TV shows, and so on, the final collection can end up being very impressive.

Let us meet Emily, a movie addict that made collecting videos a way of life. There aren’t any movies she didn’t see, and there are very few she doesn’t own. When you enter her house, what you see is something very similar to a library, from a distance. It looks like being filled with books, which are perfectly arranged. But the strangest thing that hits your mind is that all the books have the same dimension. As you get closer, what you saw as books are actually videos, lots of them. And they are all arranged in alphabetic order since Emily knows exactly where to find a particular movie. It is futile to say that no one is allowed to disturbed the order she created on these massive shelves, except her.

If you ask Emily to tell you just how many movies are in her personal collection, she will be puzzled. She lost track a couple of years ago. The alphabetical orders started a decade ago when she noticed that buying and collecting videos began to grow on her, so she did this to make her life easier. Now, the entire library extends on the length of a whole wall. She has a few video tapes, from her young years, when CDs weren’t available yet. But once with the expansion of DVD players, the majority of her movies are on CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-Rays, representing the latest acquisition to the collection.

Probably you wonder that will Emily do with her impressive video collection. She is not sure if her children will appreciate videos and movies just as much as she did, so she hopes that one day, after technology will evolve even more, a museum of cinematography to be interested in her collection. She has also been approached by interested buyers, including one gentleman in West Palm Beach, Florida ,who has a multi-million collection of vehicles, as well as his own full staff of people who do car detailing for him on a routine schedule. We can’t tell yet how movies will be viewed in the future, but there is a high chance for the items found in Emily’s collection to become a way to remember how movies were once appreciated. People that collect things may look strange to the ones that do not have such hobbies, but if we think better about it, they do us a real favor, by preserving things that will become extinct one day.